1st Doctoral Consortium


The doctoral consortium seeks to provide a constructive and enabling setting for presentation and discussions of MS/Doctoral student’s research projects.


To advise students regarding current critical issues in their research to make students aware of the strengths and weakness of their research as viewed from different perspectives.


At minimum, students ought to have formulated their research problem, theoretical framework and suggested methods, and at maximum, students ought to have just initiated data analysis.

Consortium Format

The students will present summaries of their work to other participating students and the senior researchers. Each presentation will be followed by a plenary discussion, and individual discussion with one senior advising researcher. The discussions in the group and with the advisors are to intended to help the participating student to reflect on and carry on with their thesis work.

Research Areas

  • Statistics
  • Banking & Finance
  • Information Technology / Technology Management / CS / IS
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • English
  • Economics
  • Industrial Psychology


  • Dr. Ijaz A. Qureshi (PhD MIS, USA) VP Academic Affairs, JFK
  • Dr. Zahara Bukhari (PhD English, USA) HoD Department of English, JFK
  • Dr. Abdul Latif, Chairman Higher Studies, IIU Islamabad (PhD, Australia)
  • Dr. Robina Yasmin (PhD, Japan) Assistant Professor Iqra University


  • Title of research proposal, Name of student, Affiliation and Supervisor name
  • name Abstract
  • Motivation
  • Research questions
  • Methodology (Planned or Ongoing)
  • Progress made so far
  • Future Plan
  • References

Selection Criteria

8-10 Proposals will be selected on clarity and coherence of the research proposal and first come first serve basis.

Method of Submission

Upload your submission here.

Note: Only MS Word and PDF Formats are allowed.

Submission Fee

PhD Scholars: Rs 10,000
MS/M.Phil Scholars: Rs 5,000


A seminar notebook will be compiled using the camera-ready copy of accepted research proposals. However, the research proposals will not be published.


If you have any enquiries regarding the Doctoral Consortium, please contact the organizer.
Khola Ilyas (khola.ilyas@jfk.edu.pk)

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