Welcome to JFK Institute of Technology and Management

JFK Institute of Technology and Management (JFK-ITM) is a nonprofit institute that aims to promote the educational, social, economic transformation of Pakistan and beyond. The primary mission is to provide education to the students with the highest quality learning that will produce global citizens as change agents for shaping the future of the world. JFK strives to create knowledge, open the minds of the students to that knowledge and enable students to take best advantage of educational opportunities. [Read More]


JFK-ITM is strategizing its operations to be a leader in the educational sector by focusing on our student's, trainee's, innovation and efficiency to transform them into Human Intellectual Capital (HIC), through our management development programs ..

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At JFK-ITM, we strive to help under graduates and graduates to realize their potential and up-grade their skills through our-in-house customized training and management development ..

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Faculty & Staff

JFK-ITM Faculty is engaged in developing academic curriculums, conducting variety of customized training-workshops, seminars, and delivering classroom lectures to our students of various levels. .

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Latest Events

  • JFK-ITM First Anniversary  
  • JFK-ITM Offers Summer Workshops & Courses