At JFK Institute of Technology and Management (JFK-ITM), we strive to help under graduates, graduates & industry professionals to realize their potential and up-grade their skills through in-house customized training and management development programs taking advantage of state of the art technologies. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.


JFK-ITM is strategizing its operations to be a leader in the educational sector by focusing on students' innovation and efficiency to transform them into Human Intellectual Capital (HIC), through our management development programs and to provide career development opportunities to JFK-ITM staff. All of these elements will drive bottom line success and show that JFK-ITM is the only educational Institution which can fill the gap between university graduates' skills level and real life corporate world’s requirements.

Our vision also includes collaboration with leading universities of the world for split degree programs and certifications.


As an institution and individuals we value: 
       To learn and develop new skills.
       Honesty, objectivity and dedication.
       Respect for our customers.
       Respect for time.
       Passion for technology.
       Openness to new ideas.
       Taking big challenges and seeing them through.
       Self improvement and personal excellence.
       Passion for quality.
       Passion for participating in the Nation Building Process.
       Passion for transforming our youth into HIC.


To provide affordable education, training, mentoring and supervision for students and professionals to upgrade their skills.
To help fresh graduates to develop themselves into corporate fit executives.
To assist fresh graduates to seek admission in foreign universities for higher education.
To help research students to upgrade their research skills through our training programs.
To mentor and guide under graduates, post graduates & doctorate candidates in successful completion of their thesis.

Operational Objectives

To help fill the skill gap between fresh university graduates and ever changing requirements of the corporate world through training and development programs.

To provide management consultancy services to the corporate sector for process development and process re-engineering.

To mentor and guide students to prepare them for various entry tests required for local and foreign universities and professional colleges including GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT-I, SAT-II etc.

To help and mentor research students in developing their hypothesis, select research methodologies, develop survey formats, design questionnaires, structure interviews, conduct need assessment, collect data for specific need, develop data entry formats, process data, analyze data, interpret data, draw conclusions, develop research reports.

To create common platform between corporate sector and universities for brainstorming regarding academic curriculum development to reduce the gap between what is being taught at universities and what is required by Pakistan Corporate sector.

To organize training on various packages including SPSS, Content Anylasis, Statistical Analysis, SQL, ORACLE, SAP, DBMS.

To conduct feasibility studies for automization of organizational operations.

To conduct Operational Research for big companies to re-engineer their process.

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