Collaboration with University Malaysia

JFK Institute of Technology and Management Islamabad was established in 2012 with the aim to provide Academic Support to students and researchers pursuing their higher degrees.

Recently JFK Institute has signed MoU with University Malaysia Computer Science and Engineering (UniMy) to offer Online Academic Programs to students with the aim to provide world class foreign education at affordable price.

Programs Offered

1. Diploma in Information Technology

2. Diploma in Information Technology (Cyber Security)

3. Diploma in Game Development

4. Diploma in Interactive & Digital Meda

5. Diploma in Information System (Business Computing)

6. Bachelor of Computer Science

7. Bachelor of Software Engineering

8. Master of Business Management

9. Master of Computer Science

10. PHD in Computer Science

11. PHD in Engineering

12. PHD in Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) designed to help prospective students.

1. The PhD program is offered online - Zoom/Recorded Lectures.

2. Supervisor from UniMy.

3. Co-supervisor assigned from Pakistan/abroad.

3. Two courses to be completed as coursework requirements.

4. Dissertation starts after successful completion of coursework and Proposal Defense.

5. Monthly online meeting with Co-Supervisor. Monthly progress report submission to UniMy through the Pakistan Support Office.

6. Close monitoring mechanism to ensure quality standards are maintained.

7. Fee for 3 Year Full Time PhD Program is US$ 8000 and for MS 2 years is 4000 US$. (Scholarships are available, candidates may apply at the time of admission).

8. Need based and Merit based scholarships available to all prospective candidates.

9. The fee is payable in three Annual Installments for Doctoral programs. Or students may request 6 semesterly payment plan for PhD and 3 installments for MS programs. 

10. Application Fee Pak Rs 30,000 for students in Pakistan or US$ 120 for students other than Pakistan.

11. In case student's application for the admission is not successful due to eligibility criteria, application fee received will be refunded within 30 to 45 days. Only Rs 5000 for Pakistan or 25US$ for foreign students will be deducted to cover the administrative cost.

12. Students can transfer to the UniMy Malaysia campus  during their 3rd semester of BS, 2nd semester of MS and 3rd semester of PhD studies, however, students will pay the UniMy fees of the Malaysia Campus which is 80% or more than the fees offered in Pakistan.

13. Students can transfer to UniMy main campus in Malaysia (as per point 12) and All grades earned in Pakistan office (ONLINE) will be transferred to UniMy. Student Tuition Fee will change, new fee will be as per Malaysia Campus.

14. Students may want to attend the Convocation in Malaysia at the UniMy Campus. Or students have the option to attend the Graduation ceremony in Pakistan.

15. PhD students would have two Residences and MS students would have one residency in the Malaysia Campus. Duration of this residency could be from two weeks to one semester. Students will bear the expenses of Airfare, stay/meals and all others related to these residencies/Final Defense in UniMy Malaysia.

16. Students will receive their degrees and certificates after full verification from the Malaysian Qualification Agency (HEC Malaysia) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia.

UniMy Special Fee for Academic Programs in Pakistan

Fee inclusive of Semester Exams and Registration.
1. PhD fees for 3 years: 8000 US$
2. MS Fees for 2 years Program: 4000 US$
3. MBA Fees 2 Years program: 4500 US$
4. BS/BBA Fees for 3 Years Programs: 6500 US$

Admissions Open Now.
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